Be mentored

You would like to…

Building a long-term relationship with a person from the community where I’m staying, to help me feel supported and more integrated.

Can I have a mentor?

Yes, if you are a young migrant under 18, boy or girl, who is staying in Switzerland* and looking for support.

Existing projects and initiatives

Commiting to a defined length of time to guarantee a quality relationship

Creating a trusting relationship takes time. This is why young migrants and their mentors build long-term relationships by spending a few hours together each month. At the end of 9 months, the two of them will decide if they wish to remain in contact with one another, whether formally or informally.

Questions that you may be asking yourself
Who could be my mentor?
What are the benefits of having a mentor?
What else do I get during my mentorship?

Registration, the first step towards having a mentor

  • Read the explanatory document for sponsorship with your social worker
  • Fill in the contact form with your guardian
  • Meet a mentor
  • Start of the mentorship